Florent Fayollas

Computer science engineering masters student

Since my 13 years, I’m passionate about computer science. I began developing my personal website using HTML5, CSS and PHP. Then, I learned C and C++ and developed from scratch a C++ program, based on the Oriented Object Programming principles. This program is called Naheulbeuk Helper.

During high school, I chose a computer science option where I learned Java. There, I did two more projects. The first one, ArgoView, was a Java program providing animal positions. The second one was an assisted trolley control system for disabled people. This second project is called ICARE and uses Arduino programmable cards.

Now, I’m an ENSEEIHT student, in the Computer Science and Applied Mathematics’ department. ENSEEIHT is a top ranked French engineering school. Thanks to projects, I learn how to work in team. Thanks to courses, I deepen my knowledge in diverse field: mathematics algorithms, operating systems, competing systems and middleware, etc.

I’m very interested in cybersecurity and I planned to do the TLS-SEC formation. This formation is specialized in cybersecurity and is dispensed by Toulouse Tech. Toulouse Tech is a French engineering school group.



ENSEEIHT, INP (Toulouse Institute of Technology), France (2016 - 2019)
  • Top ranked French post graduate engineering school
  • Specialization: computer science and applied mathematics
"La prépa des INP", Toulouse Institute of Technology, France (2014 - 2016)
  • Prestigious preparatory class within the INP group of highly ranked French engineering schools
  • Two years undergraduate intensive courses in Mathematics,  Physics, Chemistry and Biology
French equivalent of High School diploma, specialized in science engineering (2014)

Computer science option, obtained with distinction

Professional experience

12 weeks internship at Thales Avionics, Toulouse, France (2017)

Development of a carpooling web application:

  • Design from scratch (technologies’ choice, architecture)
  • Agile development using PHP, PostgreSQL and AngularJS
6 weeks internship at EREMS, Toulouse, France (2016)

Intranet enhancement:

  • Automated standardization of a MySQL database’s content
  • Development of automated methods to prevent future non standardized information
Week internship at Docteur Ordinateur, Dubois & associés, Toulouse, France (2010)

Dubois & associés is a French computer repair company.


  • Methods acquisition to repair and maintain computers

Programming projects

Development of ArgoView user interface (2014)
  • Java program to display data of the CNES’ Argonautica project on Google Map.
  • Argonautica project provides animal positions each week on a public website.


Development of an assisted trolley control system for disabled people (2014)
  • Wireless control to make the trolley follow the user
  • Developed using Arduino cards


"NaheulBeuk Helper" design and development (2010 - 2012)
  • C++ program to help players of a French role play game named NaheulBeuk
  • Developed using Object Oriented Programming (OOP)


Community experience

Preparation and participation at the "4L Trophy" humanitarian rally (2017 - 2018)
  • 4L Trophy is the largest student humanitarian rally. The principle is:
    1. Find a 4L (aka “Renault 4”, an old car),
    2. Repair it,
    3. Find sponsors to finance the project,
    4. Drive along Spain to South Marroco to bring supplies for children.
  • Crew named Eco4Lpe, in reference to our project. We will be as ecoresponsible as possible and bring 4 helps to South Morroco:
    1. Scholar supplies,
    2. Sportive supplies,
    3. Computers,
    4. Medical and paramedicals supplies.
  • Foundation and chairmanship of the French “Éco4Lpe” association, in order to search for sponsors

French website

Chair of the French "INP au volant" association (2017 - 2018)

Federation of more than 10 crews for the “4L Trophy” humanitarian rally.

  • Search for sponsors to finance the project
  • Organization of a demonstration on the Capitole Square in Toulouse, France
  • Organization of a student rally, after participating to 4L Trophy
Organization of treks' week with friends (2015 - 2016)
  • Search of a place to sleep (municipal camping, Airbnb)
  • Precise map studies to prepare treks
Foundation of the Riquet Computer Club (2013)
  • This club is specialized in computer science
  • I founded it in my High School

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